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ADOLO - Fresh Fish Bar
The ultimate destination of any serious fish lover!

Freshness, local products and raw material proper management, are all key factors to our tasteful success.

Our fish bar smells of sea and gets loaded daily with sea treasures and goods waiting to be discovered.

Shrimps, crawfish, squid, fresh fish like seabream, common dentex, golden grouper, dusky grouper, gilt-head, scorpion fish, stripped red mullet from the Greek seas are emerging before your eyes to choose and enjoy to your liking.

At “ADOLO”, we are ready to prepare fresh fish and mollusks to your liking, cooking them the way you prefer. Choose what you want from the fish bar and our Chef will propose cooking ways and pasta with sauces combinations that will raise your gastronomic experience to whole new levels!

Again, as it says on top of this page, this is the ultimate destination of any serious fish lover!

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